Jodi brings up an interesting question to us. When do the repetitions in life really become something that's based upon choice versus something done based out of necessity?

'Forgive & Forget'

What would happen if you were in love with someone in the military and he or she did something that hurt you before he or she left to go into combat?

'I Believe' Jodi Griffith/Mike Loce

The convictions in our own life challenge us as to what we do in out daily lives that is right and wrong. Do you have any beliefs or convictions that you want to just scream out and say "I Believe."?

'Every Time You Break My Heart'

What if the person you're involved with in a relationship isn't really the person you thought he or she was? They mean everything to you and without warning they walk off. What kind of closure would you get out of this relationship?

'Where's Kacie Now?'

A child caught between two parents! Here's this little kid and one parent is saying you can have this and that if you can give me the kid. What happens to Kacie in the future?

'I'll Always Be Young'

Are you at the point where you're aging on the outside? You don't have to age on the inside as well. You can still act young even if you don't look it.

'Bring To Me'

Have you ever been in love with someone to the point where you thought you lost your mind on cloud 9?


Sometimes the problems in our life all stem from one person and it's not us. Sometimes we find ourselves committed to the worst relationships that are more destructive than loving and supportive. Don't be afraid to walk out the door to something better and leave all the connected problems behind!


Are you giving up your dreams in your life to raise your kids? The guy and girl in this song really want to pursue their personal dreams, but is it too late? Are you an immigrant from another country who put their dreams of returning home to have a better life in the US? Are you making a sacrifice for someone else or yourself to pursue your dreams?

'She'll Try To Be Friends'

Could you be friends with an ex even if they hurt you or treated you badly? Even though it was very hard, the girl in this song tries to do just that, become friends with her ex again!